[rabbitmq-discuss] how to tell to pika to switch from one node to another during a cluster node failure ?

Nicolas Menoux nicolas.menoux at nickyintheclouds.com
Thu Mar 14 15:56:57 GMT 2013


I have a 2 node rabbitmq cluster which is working and I would like to know 
if there is any directive with pika to indicate all the nodes names and 
ports in the connection parameters to manage node failure.
I mean if one node is down, the script will automatically switch from one 
node to another node in the cluster. I think it could be possible with some 
HAproxy but maybe in the pika module itself (as what we could find with 
some MongoDB driver) we could set all nodes parameters in the connection 
string. I do not find anything about that in the documentation. Am I 
missing something ? thanks.

My environment:

   - Ubuntu 12.04 with RabbitMQ 2.71.
   - Broker instances are all disk nodes.
   - Queues are declared as durable and x-ha-policy:all
   - Clients are written in Python using Pika 0.9.9.

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