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Ben Hood 0x6e6562 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 13:16:36 GMT 2013

On Wednesday, 13 March 2013 at 12:53, Simon MacMullen wrote:

> Yeah, that would be my preference too. That gets you essentially the 
> same thing as binding to amq.rabbitmq.log but at a lower level.
> One reason I haven't written such a plugin yet myself (lack of time of 
> course being another) is that the Erlang syslog clients that I saw used 
> native code, making the whole thing harder to release as a binary, or 
> required syslog-over-UDP which might count as "more moving parts".

That's a fair point.

Until now, I've been using lager_syslog, which under the covers is using Vagabond's port driver for syslog. Because I've been using rebar, it just compiles the driver as part of the build, but this is only fine if you either build on the machine you deploy to or if your binaries are only targeting one architecture.

As for sending via gen_udp, I wouldn't see this code as being an extra moving part per se, it's just that you'd have to write the code to format the datagrams appropriately.



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