[rabbitmq-discuss] Reconnecting to RabbitMQ after disconnection not working?

Kelly Elias kelly.elias at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 17:04:50 GMT 2013

I have a class that connects to RabbitMQ like this: (C# code)

private static ConnectionFactory factory;
private static IConnection connection;
private static IModel model;
private static EventingBasicConsumer consumer;


factory = new ConnectionFactory {HostName = address};
factory.RequestedHeartbeat = 30;
connection = factory.CreateConnection();

connection.ConnectionShutdown += connection_ConnectionShutdown;

model = connection.CreateModel();

lock (model)
    model.ExchangeDeclare(EXCHANGE_NAME, "topic");
    queueName = model.QueueDeclare();
    consumer = new EventingBasicConsumer();
    consumer.Received += consumer_Received;
    model.BasicConsume(queueName, true, consumer);

It all works fine. If I unplug my network connection and wait that 30 
seconds for the heartbeat the code will realize it's no longer connected 
and attempt to reconnect by running the code above again. I don't get any 
errors, but after the re-connection I never get a message from RabbitMQ.

I've tried to dispose the objects I'm using but if I try with the 
connection it hangs and never returns.

Any ideas what I can try?

I'm using server version 2.4.1

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