[rabbitmq-discuss] networking issue when trying to cluster rabbitmq nodes

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jun 26 16:16:15 BST 2013

Hi Luis,

On 26/06/13 16:05, Luis Rodriguez wrote:
> I have disabled the firewall on the three vm's..

Is there anything else that might be preventing access? Are any other
applications on these nodes able to communicate? Clustering will not
work unless TCP/IP networking is in place.

> from rabbit 2 to rabbit3 -> connection timed out
> from rabbit 2 to rabbit 1 -> connection refused

> from rabbit 3 to rabbit1 -> connection refused

You don't say which port you used but the EPMD and AMQP ports at least
should be open and the failing connections above need to succeed before
clustering will work.

> There is nothing however, when I tried opening /etc/resolv.conf (using
> gedit resolv.conf)

You would perhaps need to edit this to set up hostname resolution, e.g.
to set up a different resolver or search domain. If you are confident
that name resolution is working correctly then you don't need to edit this.


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