[rabbitmq-discuss] networking issue when trying to cluster rabbitmq nodes

Luis Rodriguez lrodriguez1995 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 26 16:05:25 BST 2013

Hi all,
I am as new as it can get when it comes to rabbitmq.
I am running three vm's with centos 5.9 , rabbitmq-server-3.0.3, 
and erlang installed on all three nodes. (host only network, named them 
rabbit1 at localhost, rabbit2 at localhost, rabbit3 at localhost)

I was able to get all the nodes working (without any clustering), but so far all my clustering attempts have been unsuccessful.
I am able to ping the three nodes and the initial testing works on 
single nodes but I cannot seem to communicate between nodes when I try 
to join a cluster.
I have double checked that my erlang cookies are synchronized..

In addition, I am able to run  rabbitmq-server -detached, rabbitmqctl cluster_status fine (and I do get the expected results) however, when I do rabbitctl join_cluster I get:
rabbitmq Error:{cannot_discover_cluster,"the nodes provided are either offline 
or not running"} ..and the rabbitmq management console always show a 
disc status as well..
I have disabled the firewall on the three vm's..
I have also tried telneting between them and the results were the following:

from rabbit1 to rabbit 3 -> connected
from rabbit1 to rabbit2 -> connected

from rabbit 2 to rabbit3 -> connection timed out
from rabbit 2 to rabbit 1 ->  connection refused

from rabbit3 to rabbit 2 -> connected
from rabbit 3 to rabbit1 -> connection refused

my etc/hosts are correctly setup
There is nothing however, when I tried opening  /etc/resolv.conf (using gedit resolv.conf)
not really sure if  I might need entries, I'm not really sure the how to :(   (do I
 need to write them the same way I have them in the etc/hosts ?     ex: 
for rabbit3:  xxx.xxx.xx.xx rabbit1  , xxx.xxx.xx.xx
 rabbit2  )

thanks in advance :)

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