[rabbitmq-discuss] Error: cannot_discover_cluster: The nodes provided are either offline or not running

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jun 21 11:43:12 BST 2013

On 21/06/13 07:54, Tim Watson wrote:
> On 20 Jun 2013, at 18:58, k.madnani84 wrote:
>> What modifications do we need in /etc/hosts and should it be in all
>> the nodes? I was under the impression if i am able to ping the
>> other node and telnet on epmd port,thats enough to confirm the
>> connectivity,which i am able to do?
> If your nodes are using the hostname in their node names, then both
> machines need to be able to resolve one another's host name via DNS.

That's all a red herring. The OP says that "Cookie hash value in start 
up logs is different". That will prevent clustering from working, 
regardless of network setup.

To the OP...

The startup logs you posted, and subsequent observations by yourself, 
state that the home dir is /opt/app/rabbitmq/data on both nodes. Please 
double-check that you indeed have a .erlang.cookie file in there and 
that its contents are the same on both nodes (simply 'cat' the file).


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