[rabbitmq-discuss] Management console UI lists many consumers

Eric Berg eric.berg at pardot.com
Fri Jun 7 15:34:54 BST 2013

I am seeing an issue with our management plugin on our production cluster.
It is a 4 node cluster running RabbitMQ 3.1.1, Erlang R15B03 with the
management plugin enabled on all 4 nodes. We had many hundreds of consumers
running over night and shut all queueing down several hours ago and saw the
connection/channel count drop to 0 yet the consumer count is still stuck on
260 (pic attached).

- all 4 nodes show the same thing in the UI
- all 4 nodes indicate 0 when running rabbitmqctl list_consumers
- I cleared the cache in the web browser and tried multiple web browsers
and see the same thing

Has anyone seen this before? Its not a huge deal to us, but it is confusing
for sure. Thanks!

- Eric Berg
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