[rabbitmq-discuss] Bindings

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Mon Jun 3 11:53:22 BST 2013


On 03/06/13 11:12, Tamir Agamy wrote:
> 1. Where does the subscribing process begins, where does it end?

Consumers logically start with the basic.consume AMQP method. They
disappear when then channel closes or when the subscription is cancelled.

> 2. When binding a queue, what really happens? is the binding information
> being forward via the
>     server to the exchange, where it is entered to a binding list? or is
> the information saved at the
>     server and the exchange has to inquire the server whenever it gets a
> message from the producer?

Exchanges don't really exist as independent entities in the broker. The
bindings are stored in an internal database. This database is queried
each time a message is received.

The introduction to AMQP concepts contains a section on bindings which
might be helpful:



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