[rabbitmq-discuss] cluster & HA (not Mirrored Queue Behaviour)

Michael Klishin michael.s.klishin at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 22:05:01 BST 2013

2013/7/28 Kalin Chih <kalinchih at gmail.com>

> Question 1: Is any possible to automatically re-create the queue
> "rabbit_test" on the other disc node (rabbit at rabbitmq2) when the
> rabbit at rabbitmq1 is crash?

Queue metadata (e.g. name, durability, other properties) will be available
on other nodes automatically.

> Question 2: What is the best practice for cluster  without "Mirrored Queue
> Behaviour"?

It depends on what your goals and needs are. What problem are you trying to
solve with clustering?
Why mirroring queue contents is not a good idea in your case?

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