[rabbitmq-discuss] Many queues, is there any practical limitation?

dniasoff dniasoff at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 13:21:39 BST 2013


We are deploying a .Net application to many home users on regular internet 

We might eventually reach an install base on 10'000s.

The goal is to be able to "push" instant messages individually to any of 
these computers using RabbitMQ.

As I am a RabbitMQ newbie, before trying various different scenarios to 
work out which will work best, I thought it's best to ask the "experts".

A simple architecture would be a create an individual queue per client and 
have the client subscribe to it. 

Just wondering if this is the best approach or is there a neater approach 
as I guess having too many queues will consume server memory and be an 
overhead to maintain?

I guess I should be asking  whether RabbitMQ the right tool for what I am 
trying to achieve and is it designed for this sort of scenario?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated :)



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