[rabbitmq-discuss] total number of queues allowed

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jul 10 17:53:56 BST 2013


On 10/07/13 16:04, Prabodh Upreti wrote:

> We need to expose our infrastructure so that external users can connect to
> our broker, create temporary queues, consume/publish messages.

The answer to your questions is mostly "no", but we'd like to take your
use-case into account for features planned in this area, e.g. for a
related discussion see
In the meantime  there are a few available control points to set
resource limits:

You can limit the total number of client connections by setting the
appropriate OS ulimit (or ERL_MAX_PORTS on Windows).

You can also place limits on the network bandwidth consumed by
individual connections using a firewall.

It is possible to set the maximum length of a queue using a parameter
(http://www.rabbitmq.com/maxlength.html), though it is not possible to
enforce this by policy.

It is possible to perform external monitoring of broker resources (such
as queues, number of channels, number of consumers) and take
preventative action when limits are exceeded.

In some cases it might make sense to enforce resource partitioning by
creating a separate virtual machine and broker per customer.


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