[rabbitmq-discuss] Filter Exchange?

austinnichols michael.dyer at digitaleragroup.com
Thu Jan 31 19:43:36 GMT 2013

I have a couple of cases where I could use a 'Filter' Exchange.  

Given an exchange 'E1" that is receiving messages which routing keys "A", 
"B", "C" the requirement is to create a binding to exchange to "E2" that 
passes all routing keys EXCEPT "B".  If additional routing keys are added 
at a later date the binding should pass anything EXCEPT "B".

I can currently accomplish this by creating bindings for A and C between 
the two exchanges.  However, if an additional routing key "D" is introduced 
I then need to go back and add an additional binding between the exchanges.

In an ideal setup, the exchange would allow me to specify a default routing 
key 'allow' or 'deny' and then list out the exceptions:

- default=allow
- key1="B" (deny)
Results: Exchange would pass anything except "B"

- default=deny
- key1="A" (allow)
- key2="C" (allow)
Results: Exchange only passes "A" and "C"

Any thoughts on an approach using existing exchange types?

Thanks All!

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