[rabbitmq-discuss] using rabbitmq to rendevous unrelated processes

E R pc88mxer at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 17:09:54 GMT 2013

I'm wondering if I can use rabbitmq to solve this problem...

A web client makes a web request which initiates a background server job to
perform some work. The client wants to get the result of the server job,
but the initial connection might timeout or get broken in which case the
web client will re-connect to wait for the result. I want the server job to
be able to put the result of the job some place where it can be picked up
by the web client at its convenience, and I don't want the web client to
have to busy wait for the result.

Note that is it possible that the web client never picks up the result as
well as the job never creating a result, so I need a way to release any
created resources after a certain time limit (ie. the client knows that if
it doesn't get a result after X minutes it should make a fresh request.)
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