[rabbitmq-discuss] Upgrade of RabbitMq version

Tim Watson watson.timothy at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 13:50:51 GMT 2013


On 25 Jan 2013, at 13:44, Dushin Fred <fred at dushin.net> wrote:

> Just a quick follow-up question, more of a curiosity, than anything else.
> Does Rabbit support in-place upgrades, without requiring a reboot of the service?  

No it does not, as doing so introduces a very large burden of maintenance work for each change.

> I realize than enabling or disabling a plugin requires a reboot (unfortunately, but I am sure there are serious technical issues for this).

Actually we're almost in a position to do  runtime plugin enable/disable now, since we no longer use boot scripts to activate the plugin applications. There is a bit more work to do though, and there is an open ticket to address the gap.

>  But as an Erlang/OTP advocate in my org, I am curious whether we can get service continuity through an upgrade in Rabbit?

Erlang makes this possible, but there's still a lot of work involved and it is an ongoing maintenance overhead rather than just a one off task. I don't know of any plans to support rolling upgrades in future.

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