[rabbitmq-discuss] Change Cluster Node Type

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Wed Jan 23 23:03:12 GMT 2013


On 23/01/13 22:31, Prakash, Gnana wrote:
> I’m able to create a cluster with 2 nodes but the second node defaults
> to “ram” rather than “disc”. I’m not able to change the node type.
> *change_cluster_node_type* command does not work with version 2.8.7.

You should upgrade. Clustering in 3.0.x is much improved and easier to 

Failing that, read the documentation for 2.8.x at 
http://previous.rabbitmq.com. In particular...

> >*.\rabbitmqctl.bat cluster rabbit at RABBITMQ1
> Clustering node rabbit at RABBITMQ2 with [rabbit at RABBITMQ1] ...
> ...done.

 From the documentation of 'rabbitmqctl cluster' at 
If the current node is to become a disk node it needs to appear in the 
cluster node list. Otherwise it becomes a ram node.

Yes, this is somewhat less than obvious. Which is one reason why we 
switched to the new 'join_cluster' command in 3.0.0.



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