[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbitmq boot failure with "tables_not_present"

Zhao, Shanyu shanyu.zhao at intel.com
Fri Jan 18 17:57:32 GMT 2013

Hi Simon,

>>On 16/01/13 19:54, Zhao, Shanyu wrote:
>>> We have two rabbitmq servers to form a cluster. It mostly runs great.
>>> But sometimes after redeploy, we saw some boot failure error in
>>> rabbitmq server log.
>>Hi. I've reproduced the problem. In order for this to occur:
>>* You must be using the cluster_nodes configuration parameter
>>* You must stop all nodes and then fully reset them
>>* You must then start all nodes simultaneously
>>I suspect it's the latter bit which is causing this to be intermittent
>>for you. I'll file a bug to get this fixed, but in the mean time if you
>>could stagger the start of your cluster nodes (so that one node starts
>>on its own, and then others can start simultaneously or apart) that
>>will act as a workaround.
>Thanks a lot for your help! Yes, our deployment scripts simultaneously
>deploy the rabbitmq servers for efficiency. I'll try the workaround you
>mentioned here.

We've tried your workaround and it works great! Thanks a lot!


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