[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ Highly Available Queues

Cao, Yican - 0551 - MITLL cao at ll.mit.edu
Wed Jan 16 21:13:02 GMT 2013


Question about RabbitMQ Highly Available Queues:

I have active/active HAQ  and have publishers to send messages to one of it's clustered nodes (maybe master's URI, maybe slave's URI).
I have few consumers consume messages through different slave's URI as well as consumer connected to master URI by chance. According the documentation, consumer actually consumes message through master node. It is not visible to end user who is master, who are slaves. 

My question is what is going to happen to the consumer actually connected to master's URI when master node is dead. I can understand that consumers connected to original slave's URI won't notice any difference. Thanks.

Yican Cao

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