[rabbitmq-discuss] Recommended queue architecture

Mike Nibeck mnibeck at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 01:31:49 GMT 2013

Scenario: Order processing system. Orders can contain multiple children 
objects (items, addresses, customer, etc.) We place messages on a queue 
when any elements of an order gets modified. We want to be able to 
correlate all of the messages into a single message "Order Updated", with 
the details of what got updated. The individual edits can come in at any 
time, and not necessarily all of the edits for given order will be 
processed at the same time.

In this scenario, I feel that we ned to somehow persist all of these 
messages and then do some sort of data analysis and group all of the 
related messages for a specific order. Can any of this aggregation occur 
within the queuing system, or will we need to persist these messages in 
another data store (DB) and process on a schedule?


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