[rabbitmq-discuss] is there any way in making a node from a cluster ignore it's previous state and just start without trying to connect to the other nodes?

noname grifisu at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 22:47:57 GMT 2013


so the problem is like this ->
from another thread - start / stop order matters if you get all nodes down
and don't start with the last one closed or just won't start in the 30
seconds interval all of them.. then it won't work, we all agree on that.

ok , my question is : is there any way i can tweak (files i can edit) a
r.m.q. node, so if i have this scenario->
node A , B, C -> i bring down A nice ( or just kill the node but wait for
the others to get an update that the A node is down) , then same for B, and
last C
now i don't want to start node C first , nor i want to start all of them at
what i want to know is : is there any way if i start node A first to make
it just start and not try to connect to node B & C? it's ok if i lose my
tried editing my nodes_at_shutdown file not really working, anyone got any
other suggestions?
thanks in advance.
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