[rabbitmq-discuss] Cannot delete queue using rabbitmq_management or rabbitmqadmin tool

James Andres james.andres at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 10:57:50 GMT 2013


I'm testing a 3 node RabbitMQ 3.1.5 cluster on Ubuntu using VirtualBox. In 
two cases so far I have managed to create queues which were unbindable and 
undeletable. The management web UI does not display any stats on the stuck 
queues and displays "Waiting for data...". I am using a headers exchange 
but I've had this happen with a topic exchange too. Both times it was a 
durable queue. Once it was a named queue, another time was an exclusive 
unnamed (eg: 'amq.ABC.123456') queue.

Is this a common problem? How does one go about forcibly deleting a queue 
without resetting the entire cluster?

Much appreciated,


PS: More specs: 3 VM's are Ubuntu 12.04, Erlang R14B04, Cluster config is 
SSL, am using a RabbitMQ vhost for all of this.
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