[rabbitmq-discuss] Consumer cancel notification received on a new consumer on an HA-queue after node fail-over

Mike Hadlow mike at suteki.co.uk
Wed Dec 11 14:51:17 GMT 2013

I have a question concerning consumer cancel notification when a consumer
is conusming from a queue when the cluster node that it is connected to
fails. In the docs (http://www.rabbitmq.com/consumer-cancel.html) it states:

"Other events, such as the queue being deleted, or in a clustered scenario,
the node on which the queue is located failing, will cause the consumption
to be cancelled, but the client channel will not be informed, which is
frequently unhelpful."

Surely if the node fails, the connection and channel will be disconnected,
so the consumer would not be able to receive a consumer cancel notification?

I am seeing behavior where a node fails, I immediately connect to an
alternative node, start a new consumer on the HA-queue, which then
immediately receives a consumer cancel notification. This only seems to
happen intermittently, which is doubly confusing.

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