[rabbitmq-discuss] Periodic SSL connection timeouts

Rashim Anand rashim.anand at hds.com
Tue Dec 10 22:49:58 GMT 2013

Hi Emile,

Thanks for your response.

There are no other events that occur at the same frequency or during the error.

Most of the time, the SSL connections succeed. So I am not sure if SSL trouble shooting is even required. Also its very hard to run a bunch of manual commands at the exact time of the failure.

Can we increase the Rabbit MQ logging level to get more information in the logs? Is there anything else we can do to get more information?

Rashim Anand

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On 05/12/13 20:26, Rashim Anand wrote:

> We are facing periodic SSL connection timeout issues. Every 20-30 
> minutes we see Rabbit MQ SSL connection errors.

> =ERROR REPORT==== 27-Nov-2013::20:22:18 ===
> error on AMQP connection <0.12608.35>: {ssl_upgrade_error,timeout} 
> (unknown POSIX error)

This is not enough information to diagnose the problem. Are there any other events in your environment that occur at the same frequency as the error? Can you replicate this problem using any of the methods described in the SSL troubleshooting tips?



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