[rabbitmq-discuss] SSL Client using spring

PATAR, SAGAR sp345s at att.com
Tue Dec 10 16:41:23 GMT 2013

Thanks Gary ..

I tried as you suggested below by wiring my CF to the spring ...It still doesn't work ..

I was able to get it working with a simple java but not through spring ...

Pl. find the log and the context file attached ..

Appreciate all the help..

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Wire up your rabbit connection factory as you wish, and then provide a reference to it to the spring connection factory...

<rabbit:connection-factory id="connectionFactory" connection-factory="rabbitFactory" ... />

On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 1:22 PM, PATAR, SAGAR <sp345s at att.com<mailto:sp345s at att.com>> wrote:
I don't see any option to use SSL and pass the cert / keystore using spring amqp ... Can you pl. help me with some examples ...
I was able to get it working using a simple java class ..but cant see options with spring amqp


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