[rabbitmq-discuss] Best way to ping server from client

James Gardner james.gardner at noaa.gov
Mon Dec 9 17:42:45 GMT 2013


I need to know the best way to 'ping' an AMQP server from a client (I'm 
using PhpAmqpLib). We have encountered some situations where the client 
doesn't realize the server has 'gone away', and hangs for far too long, 
sometimes indefinitely. Regardless of whether this is a problem with the 
client library, if I wanted to test the connection by issuing the most 
benign, inexpensive request, what might that be? Perhaps there is a 
channel method I can call repeatedly at regular intervals without 
causing errors, like QOS, or something else? This would be during a consume.

James Gardner, NWS NIDS

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