[rabbitmq-discuss] Option/Extension to insert a message into a queue at certain intervals.

Wayne Brantley wayne.brantley at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 18:30:11 GMT 2013

Love to be able to create a message that is automatically added to a 
certain queue every X minutes/seconds/milliseconds/etc, every day at 3pm, 
Tuesdays at noon, etc.
Option to NOT insert the message in the queue, if there is already one in 
the queue.  (indicating all consumers are currently busy)

This is sort of a 'scheduler' type of feature.  This really opens up many 

Using this you could create a simple scheduling implementation using 
RabbitMQ.  This would make sure that messages were put into the queue at 
the given times, but only if that message is not already in the queue.

Additionally outside of a scheduling implementation, just say you need to 
perform a certain task.
That task typically takes 15 seconds....however, sometimes it could take 60 
You have multiple consumers that can work on these tasks.

You could set a message to go into a queue every 30 seconds.  That way the 
process is always being done no matter how long each consumer takes.

Without the above feature, you basically need another application whose job 
it is to create messages at certain intervals and put them into queues.
I just think this would be a great 'service' that could be provided, and 
people are always looking for a way to use RabbitMQ to do scheduled events 
(and have created systems of multiple queues and used the deadletter 
feature to do this kind of thing).


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