[rabbitmq-discuss] How messages route in a cluster

woodslee woodslee at 126.com
Tue Dec 3 11:43:50 GMT 2013

Hi all:

I have a cluster with tree node:
rabbit at host1 rabbit at host2 rabbit at host3
there is a queue named Q1 locate in rabbit at host3,
when i published a message to queue Q1, I have connected to rabbit at host1,
now, i want to know the detail of how this message is routed to Q1.

here is my guess:

first, message arrived in rabbit at host1, and because rabbit at host1 know the 
location where the Q1 is, and the message will be send to rabbit at host3 by rabbit at host1.

but,if i use publish confirm, the confirm infomation is sent from:
1. rabbit at host3 send the confirm to rabbit at host1, and rabbit at host1 send confirm to the publisher.
2. rabbit at host3 send the confirm to the publisher directly.

Is this right?
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