[rabbitmq-discuss] Cacti templates for rabbitmq available

Artur Ejsmont ejsmont.artur at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 03:29:13 GMT 2012

Hi there everyone,

I have created a cacti host template and a simple rabbitmqctl processing
script for rabbitmq.

Please feel free to check it out and send some feedback:

I only created them as I could not find any online and I still use cacti
all over the place :)

1. If you know how to get stats over AMQP that would be even better as i
would not need to run the cron. Is there some built-in stats reporting over
AMQP giving rabbitmqctl list/stats features?

2. I also wanted to get some more stats but could not find a way to get
them, is there way to get these:
- avg message age (how much time does it take on avg for message to get
from publisher to consumer
- total bytes sent/read per vhost or per node (value is available per
channel but it can not be summarised to give stable graph)
- total messages published/consumed (i can get depth of the queue but  i
dont know how many messages passed through the system)
- total connections opened (same as above, in case of clients connecting
and disconnecting very fast i wont see the velocity as i can only see the
current connections count)

thanks a lot, take care


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