[rabbitmq-discuss] AMQP gem(s) and Unicorn

Mark static.void.dev at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 16:48:08 GMT 2012

Within a Rails application running on Unicorn, or any other non-evented application server, should one use the AMQP (async) or Bunny (sync) gem? I read in Service-Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails that typically users will use Bunny on the application server side due to the problems/complications of using EventMachine. Is this the case? Is the async AMQP gem recommend in production Unicorn environments?

Another question regarding the documentation on connecting to Unicorn: http://rubyamqp.info/articles/connecting_to_broker/#using_ruby_amqp_gem_with_unicorn How come it doesn't include the use of: AMQP::Utilities::EventLoopHelper.run or AMQP::Integration::Rails.start? I understand that a new thread must be created in the after_fork but is the AMQP::Integration::Rails.start necessary or can/should that be used in any controller/action where we intend to use AMQP? 

Thanks for the help

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