[rabbitmq-discuss] requeue to HA mirrored queue

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Fri Oct 19 10:35:54 BST 2012

On 10/19/2012 10:29 AM, Francesco Mazzoli wrote:
> At Fri, 19 Oct 2012 01:27:09 -0700 (PDT),
> Jan Schumacher wrote:
>> Hi everybody!
>> I'm trying to reject a message on a clustered rabbitmq with the queue property
>> requeue=true. The queue has set the argument requeue to true.
>> And the problem is, it just doesn't work.
>> After sending the message to the queue the message is set to unacknowledged
>> and after rejecting the message it won't be rejected to the queue and is gone
>> to nowhere.
> I'm not sure I understand your description, that's my interpretation:
> *   Publish a message to an exchange and it gets routed to an HA queue
> *   Consume the message from the queue
> *   Reject the message with `requeue=true'
> *   The queue disappears

I think he means the message disappears

> We'd need the logs to understand what's going on, but we fixed a bug in the
> slave synchronisation code in 2.8.7, and requeuing messages was one of the ways
> to trigger it, so I'd suggest to try to upgrade.
> If that doesn't work, describe what you're doing more precisely and post the
> logs.
> --
> Francesco
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