[rabbitmq-discuss] AMQP restart

tom kelly ttom.kelly at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 16:07:10 BST 2012

Hi List,
New user here, debugging some code I inherited so apologies if my questions
below are irrelevant.

I'm investigating an amqp crash that I've seen in my logs a few times and
after a code review of the amqp component I'm a bit concerned that my
connections may be dying & silently failing when this crash occurs.

I'm using an older version that unlinked from the process that called
"start_link", anyone know why that was? I'm publishing through this channel
by calling amqp_channel:cast, so now I'm worried that if the connection &
channel were closed down everything that I thought I was publishing after
this error just silently failed. And because of the unlink there's no way
the application would have known.

I plan upgrading to the latest version but I'm not sure that it has all the
features to help solve this problem. I see that the unlink is gone and the
supervision policy is still:{one_for_all, 0, 1} So I guess this means I
have to trap exits and I have responsibility for reopening the connection &
channel if it dies?
But before I restart it, what happens to any attempts to publish messages?
I see there's new confirmation functionality that sounds like it might do
what's required but from my reading it seems that if amqp_channel is shut
down after a crash on the connection then all the confirm info is
discarded. Is there no way to keep this process alive and try to re-open
the connection immediately on failure?

I'm just about to plug in the new version and play with the confirmations
but any explanations of the current design might help enormously,
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