[rabbitmq-discuss] Declaring bindings by an app that is not the consumer

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Oct 5 10:39:57 BST 2012


On 05/10/12 02:15, jgyllen wrote:
> Or I'm wondering if the broker could do it, and if so, are
> there any drawbacks?

Nothing is set in stone about who must manage bindings. If you have a
dedicated service separate from consumers that knows how to configure
bindings then allow it to  take that responsibility.

Bear in mind that it is not possible to perform an unbind and a bind
atomically, regardless of who manages the bindings. "Moving" a label
might introduce to the tiny risk of messages being delivered to multiple
queues or not being routed to any queue, depending on the order of the
bind and unbind. The latter case can be detected if the publisher uses
the mandatory flag:



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