[rabbitmq-discuss] Declaring bindings by an app that is not the consumer

jgyllen jacob at cookiejunkie.com
Fri Oct 5 02:15:40 BST 2012

I'm building an app where producers need to have messages routed to 
consumers. The producers are web app instances and the consumers are 
stateful backend servers that are responsible for processing messages 
tagged with a specific label. Deciding which consumer is responsible for a 
specific label is decided by a third app (called the "broker"). A consumer 
is responsible for one or more labels and no two consumers are responsible 
for the same one. The responsibilities can change over time depending on 
the load or availability of backend servers. Each consumer has one queue 
and its labels are set using bindings with the routing key as the label.

Now I'm wondering who should declare the bindings. In all RabbitMQ examples 
I have seen and other apps I have worked on, the bindings are declared by 
the consumer. To follow that convention the broker would need to notify the 
backend servers for them to declare the correct bindings. Or I'm wondering 
if the broker could do it, and if so, are there any drawbacks?
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