[rabbitmq-discuss] Failed to add an exchange via the web interface

Lionel Cons lionel.cons at cern.ch
Mon Mar 26 06:41:43 BST 2012

Tony Garnock-Jones writes:
 > That's the way the code already was. However, it was confusing two cases: a
 > missing "port" argument, and a "port" argument of non-numeric type. I've
 > just pushed a tweak to the error reporting that'll distinguish the two.
 > Lionel, please have another try with current master.

This still does not work. With the new master, I get:

                  ["Invalid 'port' argument to ~p exchange (wrong type)",

As you see, the web interface passed the port argument as "longstr",
which must be handled explicitly in endpoint_params I guess.



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