[rabbitmq-discuss] [ann] ManagedShovel

Simone Busoli simone.busoli at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 13:59:10 GMT 2012

Hi, I'm glad to announce the availability of ManagedShovel, an external
mechanism to replace the built-in shovel addin.

Its purpose is to provide the same features of the official addin and add
some more. Currently the only additional feature is a max hops option,
which helps prevent messages from going in loops indefinitely.
The project uses the .NET client library to connect to RabbitMQ brokers and
can be configured using a fluent interface, which makes it easy to host it
anywhere from a console application to a windows service.
With the project comes a demo application which shows how to configure it,
although all the configuration options are semantically equivalent to those
of the original addin.

The source code is hosted on github at this
Please be aware that this is pre-release software, and has not been tested
in production.

Any feedback and issue reports are welcome.
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