[rabbitmq-discuss] atomic transactions

Jonathan Gaillard jonathan.gaillard at dominionenterprises.com
Fri Mar 23 17:02:25 GMT 2012

Hello again,

> Just to be clear, the transactions in RabbitMQ are not atomic. Your
> tests might not be able to distinguish batched operations from truly
> atomic operations.

I am clear on this (however I wasn't before :)) But I still have a
question; if the broker never goes down, and the client is in the middle of
a transaction commit, will the broker handle it correctly? It appears to.

I will try and transfer things over to confirms, however when i detect a
duplicate I cannot know whether it has a copy on the queue or not (in the
requeue senario) so all I can do is fail.. any ideas? this is where
transactions could really help.. come on rabbit ! :)

Thanks again
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