[rabbitmq-discuss] atomic transactions

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Fri Mar 23 16:23:36 GMT 2012


On 23/03/12 14:25, gaillard wrote:
> I dont have need for persistent messages so I think i am safe with relying on 
> the atomicity since on broker death the messages are gone anyways. Is this not 
> the case?

Just to be clear, the transactions in RabbitMQ are not atomic. Your
tests might not be able to distinguish batched operations from truly
atomic operations.

> Any idea when fully atomic transactions will be put in rabbit? It is a common 
> feature on jms and qpid etc..

This is unlikely to happen soon.

> Also, would you mind elaborating on how you would correlate in the publishing 
> back to the same queue where you dont want multiple copies on that queue? The 
> best I can come up with is just erroring if you receive the redelivered. But 
> redeliveries are ok with the transaction route since you will never get the 
> multiple copies. I see no substitute for transactions.

By comparing the messages (preferably containing a correlation id)
entering the broker with messages leaving the broker you can determine
whether messages were duplicated.


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