[rabbitmq-discuss] Failed to add an exchange via the web interface

Lionel Cons lionel.cons at cern.ch
Fri Mar 23 07:36:52 GMT 2012

When tyring to use Tony's udp-exchange[1], I got an error while trying to
add an exchange via the web console. The x-udp exchange is documented to

| Key   Type    Optional? Description
| -----------------------------------------------------------------------
| port  short   no        Port number to listen for incoming packets on
| ip    string  yes       IP address to listen on; default is

I did add a "port" argument but the web interface did not offer me to select
any type. This apparently generated an error:

                  ["Missing 'port' argument to ~p exchange",

If indeed the error comes from type mismatch (short expected and longstr
provided), could the web interface allow specifying the arguments types?



[1] https://github.com/tonyg/udp-exchange

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