[rabbitmq-discuss] Monitor memory and cpu usage of RabbitMQ message broker

ajan jan.afzal at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 13:44:58 GMT 2012

Thanks for the quick response Simon.

My requirement is to come up with a recommendation on how and what
memory allocation is required for RabbitMQ for our usage. I need to
get a throughput of 5000 messages/second. For this do I need to
allocate 256MB or 3GB of my RAM. And what would be the CPU utilization
when I need the broker to pass 5000 messages/second.

The RabbitMQ broker will be part of a VM that hosts services as a
result if there is need for additional memory then I need to come up
with a number that would support the throughput required. Also there
would be need of Clustering and High Availability setup.

All these can be answered if I can profile the RabbitMQ broker. What u


On Mar 20, 3:46 pm, Simon MacMullen <si... at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
> On 20/03/12 10:30, ajan wrote:
> > Are there any tools to monitor the memory and cpu usage of rabbitmq
> > message broker. For java process we have yourkit. Are there any such
> > tools for Erlang that I can use to monitor the message broker service.
> The management plugin will report on memory use, but not CPU use. I
> would always assume if you wanted to monitor CPU use on a Rabbit node
> you'd use an external tool like Nagios anyway.
> I note that yourkit is actually a *profiler*. If you want to *profile*
> RabbitMQ then Erlang has some profiling capabilities (albeit not shiny
> polished GUIs). But is that what you want? I would view profiling
> RabbitMQ as more my problem than yours :-)
> Cheers, Simon
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