[rabbitmq-discuss] Federation binding to a queue

Timya Tortus timya15 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 16:39:47 GMT 2012

Sorry, Simon for the very small problem description.
Considering ClientRabbit and ServerRabbit as two rabbitmq servers.
On ClientRabbit rabbitmq.config file the federation plugin is configured.
  [{exchanges, [[{exchange, "my-exchange"},
     {virtual_host, "/"},
     {type, "topic"},
     {durable, true},
     {auto_delete, false},
     {internal, false},
    {upstream_set, "my-upstreams"}]
  {upstream_sets, [{"my-upstreams",
    [[{connection, "upstream-server"},
     {exchange, "my-upstream-x"},
     {max_hops, 2}]
   {connections, [{"upstream-server",
     [{host, "ServerRabbit"},
      {protocol, "amqps"},
      {port, 5671},
      {virtual_host, "/"},
      {username, "guest"},
      {password, "secret"},
      {mechanism, default},
      {prefetch_count, 1000},
      {reconnect_delay, 5},
      {heartbeat, 1},
      {queue_expires, 30000},
      {message_ttl, 10000},
  {local_username, "guest"},
  {local_nodename, "ClientRabbit"}

On both servers the exchanges get created.
Is there a way to create the queues and bind them to these exchanges.

Also in the 2.7.9 release note it is stated as;
federation plugin:
- allow the queue declared upstream to be mirrored

? How to declare the queue on ServerRabbit and ClientRabbit, using the
rabbitmq.config present on the ClientRabbit.

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