[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-server crashes hard while consuming 31GB of RAM

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Fri Jan 6 18:19:21 GMT 2012

On 29/11/11 10:56, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> On 28/11/11 19:26, Muharem Hrnjadovic wrote:
>> Simon, I plan to upgrade that server to ubuntu 11.10 which would give me
>> erlang 14.b.2 out of the box. Would that be good enough?
> Yes, that would be great. Thanks!

I know it's a month later and I believe you've reduced memory use in 
various ways, but I just saw this commit referenced on the Erlang 
mailing list:



Which points out that there's a bug in Erlang <= R14B03 which will cause 
the emulator to crash if a single process (i.e. not the entire server, 
but a single channel or queue or connection) tries to allocate more than 
32GB. This is probably pretty unlikely in RabbitMQ-land, but people with 
single gigantic queues should take note...

Cheers, Simon

Simon MacMullen
RabbitMQ, VMware

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