[rabbitmq-discuss] Messaging using both ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ

Emile Joubert emile at rabbitmq.com
Tue Jan 3 15:40:55 GMT 2012

Hi Iain,

On 21/12/11 14:59, Iain Emsley wrote:
> I've been experimenting with the STOMP plugin on Rabbit 2.7.0 on Ubuntu
> 10.10 virtual machine (assume IP of and trying to get it to
> listen to an ActiveMQ broker on <>

A broker can't listen to another broker directly. You will need a bridge
between them. Your bridge could either speak STOMP to both; or AMQP to
RabbitMQ and JMS to ActiveMQ.

> (Ubuntu 10.10 virtual machine). Having set up the tcp_listener in
> rabbitmq.config  as {"", 61618}, the broker replies with an
> "eaddrnotavail" as I was trying to get the Rabbit broker to listen to

"eaddrnotavail" means the port was busy. You can't have RabbitMQ and
ActiveMQ both listening on the same port.

> Is it possible to configure Rabbit in this way so that I can have
> standardise our system onto Rabbit? Or alternatively would I need to
> write a bridge to consume from Active and publish to Rabbit? Even then

Yes, a bridge is precisely the way to go about it.


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