[rabbitmq-discuss] Distributing Tasks to Worker Queues Across Federated Exchanges

Tim Watson tim at rabbitmq.com
Fri Dec 21 16:12:19 GMT 2012

On 21 Dec 2012, at 15:20, Chris wrote:

> Hmmm... I just realized that the proposed configuration of setting things up in a ring will have one other adverse affect (besides weakening HA).  
> If I have the ring setup like this:  A --> B --> C --> A... then if B and C both have worker queues for the same type of task, B will tend to get too much preference because it will handle all requests from A and B (since the requests will never go to the AE to route to C)-- whereas the ideal setup would equally distribute requests from A to B and to C.  Hmmm...

It's probably possible to write a custom exchange type that co-operates with exchanges on other nodes to load balance, but there are likely to be all kinds of issues there. Why not just but a load balancer in front of four nodes?

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