[rabbitmq-discuss] Node Resilency

PSL 88506 psl88506 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 10:42:18 GMT 2012

We are using RabbitMQ in our application.
We encountered problem last week in production.

We have 5 server - clustered and no load balancer is used.
Suddenly over console when we opened RabbitServer-1, It is showing
 RabbitServer-2,3,4,5 in red, Not Running and RabbitServer-1 is Running.
When RabbitServer-2 console is opened, it showed that RabbitServer-2 is
Running and other is Red and Not Running.
It is same for all 5 server.

We understood that cluster was broken. Please let us know if there could be
any other issues. Also our team has raised request to Network team to know
if any network flucuations happened.

Hence we decided to handle node failure to ensure node resiliency.

Could you please help in throwing some light on how to ensure node

Please help.

Thanks in advance.
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