[rabbitmq-discuss] How to start New Discussions Threads

John Smith roanoketech at yahoo.com
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I apologize for not starting new trheads.  I am unfamiliar with this discussions group.
I thorught I was starting new threads by sending a  note to the discussion group (usually by hiting a REPLY key, and entering a new SUBJECT line
How do I start a new thread when sending a  message to the discussion group ?

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I tried to answer this in my reply to your other post: see
    - note that the thread's title doesn't make much sense because of
    topic switching.

Please shout if it still isn't making sense!


On 12/18/2012 07:24 PM, John Smith wrote: 
What does it mean that the ack is transacted on consuming side, but not the read. 
>I do get the fact that I can not write a rollback.  What I do not understand is what it means that the ack is trasactional.   
>Does tis mean the act will not complete until the server deletes the message, and therefore the rollback is no longer permitted ? 
>In the examples, I do not see a txCommmit() on the consuming side.   
>Do I have to put a txCommit (and txselect) on the consuming side in order to have the ack be transactional ?  
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