[rabbitmq-discuss] Expanding "disk space" on local RabbitMQ

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Thu Dec 13 19:13:34 GMT 2012


On 13/12/12 14:39, Rasmus Johansson wrote:
> It says I should enter something like: [{rabbit, [{disk_free_limit,
> 2500000000}]}].
> On the properties-file at
> ${install_prefix}/etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq/RABBITMQ_CONFIG_FILE

Where do the docs mention that location?

The default location for the config file on CentOS should be 

> So, how do I up the disk space?

It's the other way round. As the docs say
When available disk space falls below this limit, flow control is triggered.
i.e. you must have *at least* that much disk space available on the 
partition in which RabbitMQ is storing data. So, if you are seeing 
rabbit block due to a disk space alarm then you must *lower* the limit 
(which will make rabbit more fragile in general, but may be ok in your 
case), or increase the partition size, or configure rabbit to put the 
data on a different, bigger partition.



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