[rabbitmq-discuss] Expanding "disk space" on local RabbitMQ

Rasmus Johansson rasmus.d.johansson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 14:39:08 GMT 2012


Im working on a localhost rabbitmq on a centos vmware which doesnt recieve 
any docs, and when I push documents then the connection gets locked. The 
disk space is red-marked and under the low-mark (by default, very strange). 
Ive looked  through all of internet but have not found an answer that 
solved it.

It says I should enter something like: [{rabbit, [{disk_free_limit, 
On the properties-file at ${install_prefix}/etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq/
But that didnt work after restarting the rabbit.

So, how do I up the disk space?

Best regards, R

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