[rabbitmq-discuss] JSonRPC Encoding

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Mon Oct 31 12:51:56 GMT 2011

I have asked this before but I couldnt solve my problem . So I will try
once more.
On JSonRPC  -
It seems that when I send a hebrew strings with rabbitmq - I get squares
instead of strings in the other side.
It is not the way when I send it with regular publishing.

I send a String .
It is the Json of an object.
In the client - I see hebrew.
In the first method of the server Side  I see Squares instead of hebrew
both clients are on the same computer.

in the answer once given to me here -

if you are seeing differences then the problem is
probably in your encoding or decoding process.

My Question:
Can I control the encoding when I use JSON RPC?
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