[rabbitmq-discuss] [announcement] amq-client 0.8.5 is released

Michael Klishin michael.s.klishin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 16:30:05 BST 2011

Le 28/ott/2011 à 19:20, Matthew Sackman a écrit :

> Interesting. In the other clients we tend to go down the route of having
> a "default" consumer which receives such messages. Someone receiving
> these messages is important because if they're not acknowledged then
> they can form a memory leak on the broker for the lifetime of the
> channel that consumed the messages.
> Not saying that all clients should be the same, of course, just that
> there are implications to silently discarding those messages - you're
> preventing any other consumer of that queue from receiving them.


I am aware of that but adding some kind of "catch all" consumer will take more time to fix and in many situations
there is not enough information about the context for default consumer to actually do something useful (besides logging warnings).

So we evaluated a few solutions decided to go with this one for now.



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