[rabbitmq-discuss] AMQP.BasicProperties

Meredith Gregory lgreg.meredith at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 13:37:06 BST 2011

Dear Rabbiters,

i find that i need to set some values on the AMQP.BasicProperties passed to
basicPublish. (The API is so basic, i wonder if we need to inject some acid
to restore neutral pH...) When i attempt to use the
AMQP.BasicProperties.builder scala informs me that it's not available --
either with rabbitmq java client 2.5.1 or 2.6.1

            error: value builder is not a member of object
[INFO]   AMQP.BasicProperties.builder()

and the set methods have been deprecated. What's the preferred method of
setting just a few fields of the AMQP.BasicProperties?

Best wishes,


L.G. Meredith
Managing Partner
Biosimilarity LLC
7329 39th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136

+1 206.650.3740

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