[rabbitmq-discuss] How to tell Java Client running in a separate thread to stop consuming

dusura dusura at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 06:57:54 BST 2011

Hi Steve,

thanks for your reply. What you are saying makes a lot of sense.

I guess if I want this kind of design I will have to abandon Spring
AMQP in favour of using the RabbitMQ Java client libraries directly as
they give me access to channel.basicCancel().


On Oct 26, 3:02 am, Steve Powell <st... at rabbitmq.com> wrote:
> dusura,
> As I said, there is no 'safe' general mechanism for stopping
> one Java Thread from another.  The Interrupt mechanism in Java is
> simply a convenience for *very simple cases*, or for debugging,
> and cannot be regarded as safe on public interfaces.
> In particular:
> * changes to the design of a service might involve invoking more
>   or fewer other threads (in which case you might be interrupting
>   the wrong one);
> * services might be invoked which themselves quietly consume
>   interrupts;
> * interrupts which fail to be trapped (due to timing considerations)
>   can contaminate the thread for the next time it is run;
> * it is not possible to tell the difference between spurious interrupts
>   (part of the Java VM rules for wait(timeout)) and deliberate
>   external interrupts.
> It is much better to architect a solution. For example, in your case,
> send a message to your client application which causes it to perform
> an orderly shutdown (including, one would expect, cancelling consumers
> and closing connections as we have discussed).  The client might
> already have such a message architected, or if not, design one.
> In the next release of RabbitMQ the thread upon which consumers
> perform their callbacks need neither be the client thread, nor the
> connection thread, nor a thread dedicated to a particular channel.
> In these circumstances, you are much better off calling a standard
> interface like basicCancel().
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